Advisable Bathroom Renovation Projects

Advisable Bathroom Renovation Projects
by Steve Bukento

All bathrooms need a bathroom vanity, they are considered as an essential and vital part of your bathroom. These can help to improve the look of your bathroom and also provide a useable and functional storage space. Most of the time people overlook the idea of installing bathroom vanity cabinets, and simply add them in as an afterthought. Storage is very important in all bathrooms, vanity cabinets can provide you with useful and easily accessible storage space.

Before you consider purchasing a bathroom vanity cabinet there are some very important things that you must bear in mind. The widths of such cabinets can vary between 18 up to 48 inches. Typically these are available in 6 inch increments. You should look at bathroom vanity cabinets in home improvement stores that offer a wide range of different styles and sizes so that you can find an ideal one for your bathroom. Most bathroom vanity cabinets are produced from wood, although they are also available in manmade materials. Popular materials include oak, walnut and cherry wood. The material you choose will depend on the look of bathroom you are going for. You can even match it to your existing window shades.

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Types of Vanities

There are four main types of bathroom vanity cabinets that you can consider. The first is the simplest and easiest to install, this is just a simple cabinet which can be mounted onto your wall, and these can also be used as medicine cabinets. Another vanity option is using shelving, either recessed, in a corner or on the wall. The third type of vanity you may be interested in is something that fits over the toilet. The most popular type is the cabinets that fit under the sink. These can be built as freestanding cabinets and can be used for storing linen and towels.


There are two different styles of bathroom vanity which you may be interested in. The first of these types is a face-frame cabinet. These are more traditional and fairly formal. The hinges are hidden from view and the doors are designed to frame the cabinet. Another option is going for a cabinet with frameless doors. Frameless cabinets will give your bathroom a more modern look.

Whether you want to improve the appearance of your bathroom or completely remodel it a bathroom vanity cabinet is a perfect way to do either. Vanity cabinets are one of the best investments on your home that you can make. It will be much easier to sell your home with an attractive bathroom complete with lots of storage.

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