Butterfly Houses & Feeders

Butterfly Houses & Feeders
by Lee Dobbins

It is possible to make your own butterfly houses and feeders from objects around your home. Butterflies prefer specific foods and you can make these available in your garden. Butterflies like sunny warm spots, but if you are in a hot climate then shady areas are preferred. You can plan your garden to include specific butterfly attracting plants and flowers.

Over ripe fruit is a quick, easy and inexpensive type of butterfly food. Over-ripe rotten fruit are favorites of butterflies and if you have any type of fruit tree and allow the fruit to fall to the ground then you have created a good feeding spot for butterflies. Instead of throwing food out you can simply use it to feed butterflies. They love rotten, sweet and moldy fruit.

You can find objects to use as butterfly feeders from everyday household item. Dishes with slopping rims, pie plates, and plant saucers all make great butterfly fruit feeders. Find a nice shady area in your garden and hang the fruit feeder from an overhead branch. You can create your own hanger from twine or use a plant hanger. You should add rotten fruit sprinkled with water and fruit juice to keep the fruit moist.

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You can also make your own butterfly nectar feeder using a small glass jar, cotton and homemade butterfly nectar, twine and any decorations. The butterfly nectar is 4 parts water to 1 part water, boil and then allow to cool. Punch holes in the jar lid with a nail and hammer. Fill the jar with nectar, screw the lid on tight and stuff the holes with the absorbent cotton. Invert the jar and hang in a good spot. Make sure you used good cotton so the material is wet but doesn’t drip.

Butterfly houses are specifically designed to protect the butterflies form the weather and any wind as well as any predatory birds. These house look like birdhouses but have long slits in the front for the butterfly to get in and keep the birds out. Tree bark or twigs will be in the inside of the house so the butterflies have something to rest on. The butterflies will use this house for shelter, particularly as the weather cools down.

You can attract a lot of butterflies to your butterfly house by having a butterfly feeder close by. Makes sure to place the house in a good viewing spot so you can enjoy any butterflies that decide to reside in your garden or yard.

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