Ways How To Care For Your Indoor Plants

Ways How To Care For Your Indoor Plants
by Kent Higgins

When deciding how to decorate the interior of your home, plants can be just as important as furniture, because they drastically change the visual impact of the room. Plastic plants are very popular for this purpose, but artificial plants can collect dust, and may look a little silly to visitors.

Because of the drawbacks of artificial plants, why not try your hand at growing the real thing? Indoor gardening can be quite easy. Aside from the beauty of indoor plants, they also provide health benefits. After all, as we learned in grade school, plants clean the air by using the carbon dioxide we breath and producing more oxygen.

Many beginning gardeners become overwhelmed with trying to choose and care for houseplants. If you are a beginning gardener, here are some simple tips to help you be successful at growing a beautiful garden right inside the comforts of your own home.

Lighting is very important to the growth of house plants. Each type of plant has a requirement for how much light it will need. First, you need to decide which part of the house will be home to the new plants. This will help you decide which kind of plant will grow best. There are many plants which only require medium to low light, and are suitable for indoor gardening. Some common examples include Philodendrons, Boston ferns, African violets, Cyclamens, and Creeping Fig.

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Another important task to consider is watering. Many beginning gardeners make the mistake of over-watering their indoor plants, which can harm the roots. You should research your specific plant, because each kind has varying water needs.

Most indoor plants will require the use of pots or other containers. You should make sure that the pot is clean before placing your new plant in it, which will prevent infection and encourage healthy growth. Pot size and other characteristics are also important, and will depend on the plant you choose.

Humidity is another factor which can be difficult for the beginning gardener, but it is very important to your plants. The amount of moisture in the air affects the growth of your plants. During the morning, you should spray the plants with water from a spray bottle, which will provide them with much needed moisture.

Fertilization is another factor to consider when choosing outdoor or indoor plants. Like watering, fertilization needs depend on the type of common indoor plant you have chosen. If you supply your plants with the right amount of light, water, and humidity, you may not need much fertilizer for your plants to thrive.

With these tips in mind, you can forego the plastic plants in favor of the real thing. They will add beauty to your home, and can be easy to grow if you choose the right plants.

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