Make Sure You Get The Right Pipe

by Nestor Wuplint

Owning a home is a wonderful experience, but can also carry with it many responsibilities. When you are a renter and something breaks down, you just call landlord and he’ll send someone to fix things for you. When you are the owner, however, the responsibility of repairs falls on your shoulders.

Most young couples and homeowners will try to do as as possible without have to call a repairperson and pay labor. There are many repairs in home that you may not be able to fix yourself especially if your tool boxes are limited. One of these things is a plugged pipe. It’s tough to know when to call a plumber.

Plumbing may seem like a simple enough task, but if you don’t know what you,’re doing or have right tools, it may take twice as long as it should to find and fix the problem. Plumbers are generally expensive, charging a flat rate just to come to your home without even doing any work. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that you can’t figure out and fix the problem yourself. With this in mind, there are some simple steps you can take to save money on plumbers.

first thing you want to do is compare plumbers. I know you probably feel you have a disaster in your home (flooding sink or toilet) and need any plumber you can get as soon as possible, but you still want to save as money as you can. This is not to say that you should call the cheapest in the phone book, as you don’t want some -by-night coming into your home ripping your pipes apart. However, call around and compare mileage, hourly rates and service call rate. Another thing you will want to do is call the plumber with the best reputation for cost and customer satisfaction. It won’t matter how cheap he was if you weren’t happy with his or her work.

There are some important steps you can take to make sure you don’t need a plumber or if you do, it’s for minimal needs. Live your life in your home in such a way as to avoid having to call a plumber or get out your own tool boxes. Most plumbers are called for backed up drain problems. Watch what goes down your pipes. Grease is biggest culprit. Many people feel that if they pour hot water down their pipes, it will help the grease go down better. It helps it to a point, but grease still has a way of sticking to the pipes causing problems. If your sink is plugged, try pouring hot vinegar and hot water down the pipes to unclog them. Pour the hot vinegar first, let it sit for twenty minutes and then pour the hot water. Many homeowners pour this solution down their pipes daily to keep their pipes clean.

Hair is another problem to drains. Using a mesh catch will usually eliminate problem. If your drain is clogged with, what you believe is hair, try using a commercial drain cleaner. They’re inexpensive, effective and a lot cheaper than calling a plumber.

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