How To Propagate Houseplant

by Kent Higgins

Leaf cuttings are a very popular method of plant propagation, and they can be made in several ways. Many house plants, including African Violets and Gloxinia, are propagated by cutting a leaf where it joins the stem, and planting this leaf in the starting soil mixture. Within just a few weeks, roots will start to grow at the point of the cut. Then, the new plant be transplanted into a regular potting soil mixture.

With other plants, such as Sansevieria, with long pointed foliage, you cut the leaves into four inch sections, and set these sections right end up in a starting soil mixture. From the lower cut, roots will soon form.

Rex Begonia, another popular houseplant, is propagated using still another way of leaf cuttings. With a razor, make cuts across the heavy veins on the leaf’s underside. Then place the leaf face up on the starting mixture. Use toothpicks or pins to make sure it contacts the soil, and new plants will soon form at the cut marks.

Growing very own plants through leaf cuttings and other propagation methods is very rewarding. You can grow your own indoor garden for the price of just a little work, and reap tremendous rewards. You can grow many new plants from the leaves of your old plants. Plus, many people have found gardening to be a relaxing activity, a reward in and of itself.

When you are making leaf cuttings to increase indoor garden, the plants from which you are cutting leaves are also benefiting from the trim. In order to keep your plants beautiful and healthy, you pinch, prune, and cut back the plants when appropriate. Particularly in low light conditions, as found in many homes, plants tend to grow tall and leggy, with little foliage at the bottom of the plant. To make plants full and even from the base to the top, you’ll need to cut them back to encourage growth in the right directions. Trim back any shoots do not fit with the overall shape of the plant.

Particularly if you are a new gardener, the idea of cutting off healthy branches, leaves, and even flowers and how to care for plants will make you nervous. However, these measures must be taken if you want the overall plant to be healthy and proportionate. Pinch off shoots are not growing in the correct place, allowing your plant to spend its energy growing in the right directions. Even if this shoot has buds or flowers, it be removed. By pruning your plant, you can reasonably control its growth. Although some plants will grow properly without help, like the African violet they requires exactly the right amount of sun, light, and water, among several other conditions. The vast majority of your houseplants would greatly benefit from pruning and cutting back, and you can use the leaves you’ve cut to grow new plants.

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