Kitchen Table – Transform An Old One Into A Craft Table

If you have been thinking of getting rid of your old kitchen table for a new one, have you thought of what will be happening to old kitchen table?

Many people roll it out to side of the road and wait for the garbage truck. But, if your old kitchen table is still in good working order, why not give it a new life? If you have kids, you can turn this old kitchen table into a great new craft table.

first thing to consider is the kinds of crafts your kids like and what they need to complete those crafts. Often the popular items are crayons, markers, pencils, paints, scissors, paper, stickers, glitter and other small pieces to add to their creations. Each of these items need containers to keep them sorted.

If you are like most of people, right now when it̵;s craft time, you put a protective covering over kitchen table and then pull out a number of bins of crafting items. But, when you turn your old kitchen table into a craft table, those bins can already be in place, attached to the old kitchen table.

You should start with a series of pencil/pen/crayon holders. It would be best if these are rounded (cup-like) holders at varying sizes to hold these drawing implements. Some are sold in attached sets and will save you a little time in collecting all proper pieces.

Instead of having to pull this out every time kids want to create something, you are going to attach this bin to the old kitchen table.

Usually, this bin is put in center of the kitchen table.

Tack it down with one screw through bin and into the wood of the table. Since you likely will not be able to get your electric screwdriver to reach far enough into the bin, you may want to use your electric drill to make a hold in the plastic container (from the bottom) and into the kitchen table where you want it to set. Line the two holes up and use a long regular screwdriver to attach the bin to the table.

If you are using an electric screwdriver, take on this job slowly, as you can crack the plastic of the bins easily.

If the table is extra wide, you may want to choose one side of the table to attach the bin, so the kids can still reach the coloring items.

If you have more craft bins you would like to keep on the table, these should be attached in the same manner.

Once all the bins are on the kitchen table you can call the job complete, or take it to another level of personalization and turn it into your next craft project – painting. It̵;s fun for kids to have a craft table they helped to create. Using bright paints, the table can be painted and each child can be allowed to add their personal touches such as painted pictures, their name or even a handprint.

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