Make Your Yard Standout

by Kent Higgins

Perhaps you enjoy taking a drive around town to see how different lawns look. Some may have picture perfect lawns and others may not, but the look seems to be similar. Green grass is green grass, sprinkled with some trees and run-of-the-mill flowers and this can be boring. If you are seeking ways to make your unique, then consider adding some colorful, decorative rocks and stones to break up the monotony.

Adding landscape rocks will make your have style and character, others will be envious and want to copy your yard. But most do not know to begin. The first step in adding landscaping rocks is to remove some grass. If you are not using your front lawn, this is the perfect place to start and will make your yard standout.

You can a shovel or a tiller to break up the soil. Push the rocks out of your way and move them with a wheelbarrow. You do not want these types of rocks to remain in your landscape, they take away from the aesthetic value of your lawn.

Before you begin to dig, you need to determine if you have the proper drainage for the plants and flowers you will have. If you do not, then you need to add the appropriate drainage system before you do anything else.

Another that can add appeal to your front is a walkway. It will a charming path leading your guest from the driveway and to your front door. This is not only a great as far as appearances go, but it also keeps tracking debris into the home to a minimum as well.

If you choose a popular stone walkway, you need to stagger the rocks along the walkway leading up to your front door. Make sure that when making the final installation, that your rocks are secure and do not move, this can cause a tripping or falling hazard. Keep the rocks 4-5 inches deep in the soil to prevent them from moving. You can also add a thin layer of gravel to keep them in place and stable.

If you want to add some other interesting aspects to your walkway, consider adding curves. This look is more intricate and distinctive, but still feels informal and charming. By adding some smaller shrubbery you add structure to the walkway. You can add some color with landscape rocks and perennials, this will enhance your walkway even further.

Once you get the main flowers and foliage planted, you can begin to add some smaller ones. You can place them in an arranged pattern around and in between rocks and use them to fill in any gaps. Some people prefer to use mulch because it has a more manicured appearance. Both of them are attractive, viable options, it is just a matter of what your budget and tastes are.

Now you are ready to add the touches to your landscape. You can add some climbing vines and trellis . You can hang up some plants from your front porch and put some lovely pots and planters on your front porch. You can even go for plants that will give you the look and feel of a Tuscan garden, the choice is yours. Adding some decorative rocks and lighting systems will finish up your landscape project and give you a front that will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.

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