Using Wind Power To Get Off The Grid

by David Sullivan

Nowadays everybody is starting to feel the need to go green, and everybody is starting to think of ways that they can the planet but still keep the lifestyles they’re accustomed to. Wind power is an excellent alternative energy source that has many benefits.

Wind power using a wind turbine is a good supplement or alternative to solar power. Dark, overcast days are frequently windy. If you build the wind turbine on your own, you can even save money.

The whole family can out. If you want to take it further, try to use recycled materials where it is feasible. You can get the parts you need at your local hardware store for less than a couple hundred dollars.

Turbine blades can be made of PVC pipe, plywood or corrugated cardboard. Be sure the blades are not too light or too heavy. The base and frame of the turbine can also be made from corrugated cardboard.

Before undertaking the building of your wind turbine find a good manual that outlines the building process in detail. A good manual will give you detailed building instructions in an easy to follow step-by-step format. The manual will also provide you with a detailed list of the construction materials you will need. Many manuals will supply several different options for the materials that are needed. The manual should give you tips where to locate the materials, but most of the items can be found at a hardware or home supply store.

If you have basic experience with a tool set, you can build your own turbine. It isn’t rocket science. Just mount it someplace in your backyard where you’ll get the most wind blowing and you’ll be taking part in the revolution.

If you have a lot of land, you can build several wind turbines. This could be enough to power your entire house.

Many people may be missing out on an important and easy to implement way to conserve energy. It is not difficult to do if you have a good set of instructions. You will be doing your part to conserve the environment while cutting the cost of your electricity.

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