Save Money From Landscaping

by Kent Higgins

Having landscaping and maintaining it, can be a costly endeavor. Even the most perfect yard can end up being a source of aggravation instead of being pleasurable-if it is more expensive than you can maintain and upkeep.

Knowing a few helpful tips, can save you time and headache without sacrificing the beauty and look of your landscaping.

Make A Plan

As with any major purchase, you should plan a budget before you spend any money on landscaping. You could end up with things you do not want or need,and this mistake can be costly.

Start by making a rough sketch of what type of landscape you would like to have. The next thing you need to find out is what you need to make it possible. When you need advice about landscaping, you can look on the Internet for various websites which can give you a host of ideas. Gardening stores and home improvement warehouses have people on hand who can point you the right direction as well.

Once you have thoroughly researched your ideas, and know what you want, you can begin spending, and not have to worry about wasting money on things you do not want or need.

Buying Things A Little At A Time

Your plan should allow for a time frame, which is needed when you install each phase of your landscape. Many people cannot afford to spend all the money needed at one time. Making a plan, will allow you to work on your project phases and buy what you need a bit at a time, when you need it. Having the finances worked out in phases lets you avoid make home improvements and purchasing things on credit.

Quality First

It is good to keep in mind that although something may be cheaper, it is not always better. If the quality is not compromised, then buying a cheaper item is a better idea. However, some stores are staffed with experts who will share their knowledge for free. So, it is very important for you to ask a lot of questions. If you are not experienced at landscaping, you can save money over time by spending extra effort getting better service, help and good advice.

Your Plants

If you are purchasing your plants at a bigger “box” store, you need to be especially careful to your plants. You need to be wary of diseases and insect problems. These stores really do not take notice of their plants and provide the same care as a nursery would. If your plant is diseased, you will have to make another purchase if it dies and that is money you do not need to spend. Furthermore, when diseases or pests are present, they can invade your other landscape plants. Many reputable nurseries will offer a warranty and exchange plants free of charge if you have any problems.

Buy During A Sale

When you plan ahead for your landscaping ahead of time, you can determine which phase needs to be accomplished first. You can get lumber in the wintertime when it is less expensive and store it until you are ready to it. But as many trees, shrubs, plants and mulch as you can in season, when the prices are lower. In many places if you wait until October, you can make maintenance purchases and still have extra time to winter proof your landscape. Watch out for sales at local nurseries and find great plants at lower prices this way.

Other Alternatives

It can also be a worthwhile endeavor to pursue alternative sources. Stores are not the only place that sell plants and landscaping items. You can from a catalog service or search online as well. You can even join a gardening club and get a great price on many items and some useful advice in the process.

Try to make a plant exchange in your neighborhood. Certain cities also offer lower priced or free mulch and compost. with local construction or demolition sites that may have free stones and bricks available.

Cost Sharing Approach

Your neighbor may also be interested in sharing the costs of making landscaping improvements. If you both network and pool resources, you can find some great deals on items by buying in bulk, and everyone can benefit from the cost savings. At the same time, you can share or split the rental fees for machinery like tillers, chippers and soil aerators. Everyone can chip in a few bucks, and work out a schedule so that everyone has a chance to the machinery. These are a few tips to help save money on your landscaping project.

By being creative and learning a few money saving tips, you can maintain your costs at a bearable level and create a wonderful, enjoyable, and affordable landscape for your backyard.

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