Six Tips To Enhance The Quality Of Your Flower Photos

by Ben Johnson

Imagine walking around in a garden on a nice sunny day. How beautiful everything looks! The sunlight seems to bring out all the colors and shapes so well.

However, people who think that they need that sunlight to take a good picture are sadly mistaken. When it comes to taking photos of flowers in a garden, an overcast day may actually work better.

There are several more ways to make your photos stand out. Here are some methods that professional photographers use to make their pictures look good:

Get rid of a distracting background by shading it – take a piece of cardboard or some similar stuff and hold it so it casts a shadow on that background you prefer to see less of.

Take a mirror, or a piece of aluminum foil, and use it as reflector. Hold it so that the will get extra light, this will make it stand out against a darker backdrop. (Adjust the camera setting to get the flower, rather than the background, correctly exposed.)

Another thing you can do if you do not want to wait for the clouds is to make your own. Use a sheet of semi-opaque plastic, or a piece of white cloth. Secure this to a coat hanger made of wire. (The hanger should be formed into the shape of a square to make it serve as support.) Then take this object and place it above the so that it provides some shade from the sunlight.

Some professional photographers use a technique where they have the coming in from behind the subject. This one of those techniques you might need to work with in order to get it just right. Experiment with it, and you will like the results. The effect of this technique, called “backligtning” is very special.

Around noontime, the is at its peak and actually producing the most dull type of light for picture-making. Try taking out your camera at dawn0; or near sunset. You will be amazed at the difference.

Most of us have a camera with a zoom lens. Using this feature allows you to more easily find a shooting that will fit the subject of your photo. You can often fix a distracting background by zooming in – this will make the background area smaller and easier to manage.

All these methods are stuff the pro’s use all the time, and some of the reasons their results look so fantastic. You too can make photos like that if you learn their secrets.

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