Garden Trellis With Flowering and Climbing Vines

Garden Trellis With Flowering and Climbing Vines
by Keith Markensen

Most gardeners, even beginners, understand that garden trellis can be used to make your garden stand out. Because of this, many gardeners want to incorporate trellis into their garden, but this can be difficult to do well. However, there are several easy ways to use garden trellis to add interest to your yard and garden.

The simplest way to use a trellis is by growing climbing vines on it. Simply attach your trellis to a wall or other architectural element of your home, and plant vines such as Morning Glory or Clematis. Depending on the variety of plant you choose, flowering vines can be climbing up the trellis very quickly.

Of course, there are many different plants with vines to choose from. You should pick those you like best, making sure that they will grow well in the sun and soil conditions where your trellis will be placed. Depending on the plant you choose, you may need to tie the vines to the trellis using string or twine, or at least wrap the vines around the trellis, until the vines learn to twist around the trellis to climb it on their own.

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This can be a very simple way to decorate the exterior of your home more beautiful and organic, but it can also help as insulation from the heat when the trellis is placed on an exterior wall of your home. However, it can also be attached to a carport or any other structural element. Keep in mind that as the vines grow, they will provide more shade and a refreshingly cool spot in your yard. When placed near a carport, they can screen off the cars and other foreign elements near your garden.

In fact, privacy fencing is the second most popular reason to use a trellis. It can be used to separate the front yard from the back yard, to create a small private space in your garden, or to enclose a feature such as a patio area, gazebo, or pool.

In fact, some trellis is sold particularly for privacy. This kind of trellis has smaller holes between the wooden slats. It provides excellent shade, even without vines or plants climbing it. With beautiful flowering vines climbing its sides, it makes a beautiful and unobtrusive screen.

Another excellent reason to add a trellis to your garden is to add interest to a container garden or to a set of patio plants. If you have a container garden and it seems to lack visual interest, a piece of trellis behind the containers can add the visual appeal your garden was lacking, bringing attention to your beautiful plants. Potted trellis can also be used as support for plants in your container needing extra support, such as tomato plants.

The trellis can be cut as tall or as short as you need, making it a particularly versatile garden element. In fact, trellis can be purchased in a wide variety of styles and materials, to blend with the rest of your garden or stand out as a visual statement.

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