Extra Insurance for a Summer Barbecue – Buy a Garden Gazebo!

by Andy Mason

When you start looking for a gazebo for your garden you will soon find that there are many different styles, shapes and sizes to select from. However, in most cases people who have gazebos erected in their gardens tend to go for octagonal shaped ones made from wood that is open to the elements on all sides and has a double roof with cupola. But as you will soon find not only are there gazebos that are the right size for your garden but also your budget.

When you start looking at gazebos for your garden you will soon discover there are plenty of different shapes, sizes and styles to choose from. However, in most cases people will tend to purchase the octagonal open sided type of gazebos that come with a cupola and double wood and have been constructed from wood. Although there are plenty of different types of gazebos to choose from you are sure to find one that not only meets your size of garden, requirements but budget as well.

Generally gazebos range in size from 6 feet through to 22 feet in diameter and as mentioned either will be open on all sides or they can have walls around them. In some cases if the gazebo is large enough and enclosed this structure can then be used as a guesthouse. But what you will find is that the designs of such structures are simple and tough, however they may come with a wide variety of architectural features such as Victorian mouldings or trellis walls.

Certainly there may be a case because of the size of your gazebo you actually need to obtain planning permission in order to have such a structure built in your garden. Also you may find that there are certain regulations you have to meet when you what to build such a structure in your garden.

One of the first things you may discover is that you actually need to obtain planning permits in order to have a gazebo built in your garden. Also you may find that there are certain regulations that have to be met such as keeping the structure a distance of 20 feet from any other structures or boundaries. But one quick call to your local planning authority office should quickly provide you with everything you need to know before you go out and get your gazebo.

When it comes to deciding where it is best to place your garden gazebo you need to take into consideration the size of your garden and the way in which it has been laid out. If say for example you have a feature in your garden such as a pond then why not consider locating your gazebo close to this.

Something else that you need to remember when you are thinking of getting gazebos is what materials you want it to be constructed from as well as what style you have chosen. If you are going for one that comes with extra features such as decking then you need to have ample space to erect it so it wonR;t encroach on to other areas of your garden.

Generally most people as we mention tend to go for gazebos that are constructed from wood for their gardens, but they come in a wide range of other materials as well. Certainly if you are looking for a structure that requires a lot less maintenance and still looks attractive there are plenty of gazebos made from steel, iron or aluminium that you can purchase today.

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