Home Improvement Ideas: Polished Concrete

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So you’re considering a new theme for your but couldn’t think of something revolutionary enough to impress your friends whose floors are as glamorous as the White House’s. The interior designer you hired for the job seemed to be giving ideas too far out for you to even consider. He’s suggesting you stick with concrete. Obviously you think he’s out of his mind. But you know, your interior designer might be on to something.

Concrete has gone far in terms of being just a common building and construction material. People are developing new ways of using cement as a decorative by itself. And their discoveries are really something to talk about. only have they completely changed the boring face of concrete forever, but they also gave new life to those homes stuck with an ugly layer of cement under their feet.

Polished concrete is literally becoming more and more popular as the best flooring there is in the market. Advances in technology and the ingenious methods used by different contractors are transforming this drab old material into the non-coated glossy and no-wax flooring material that’s sure to impress millions all over.

The ideas doesn’t end there, folks. If the floor you’re planning to polish is too bumpy and uneven to begin with, you are going to want to apply a fresh coat of cement to flatten it out first. And while you’re at it, why add some color to it by combining some pigments on the fresh cement mixture. Then you can add color to the otherwise gray and call your friends so they can admire your creativity.

If you’re thinking concrete isn’t for you, then you better be on the look out for the many things that make concrete a home decorative option. It’s never too cold anymore once you’ve put in radiant heating cables which are great for when you think your floor is becoming too cold in the winter. If you’re living in a hot climate, then having a cool flooring will definitely save you some air conditioning expenses.

It’s absolutely amazing the designs that one can come up with the new face of concrete. Try it for yourself and impress your visitors using something that they wouldn’t have thought of before.

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