Secrets Of Feng Shui Decorating Styles

by Ferdinand Okeke

There are some feng shui decorating rules that work as the basis for furniture arrangement. Thus, in order to enjoy great night rest, place the bed in a place from where you can see the entrance, so as to prevent the unwelcome forces from entering. Then, do not use mirrors next to the bed area since this is believed to lead to a duplication of your relationship, and you surely don’t want somebody else between you and your life partner. Feng shui decorating allows you to correct the eventual inadequacies in the of the house. Over – sized windows can be thus balanced by the proper choice of curtains.

Do you preserve things that you no longer need? It is a usual habit to store an obsolete and quite useless item on the principle of “what if I require it some day? ” Specialists point out the truth that feng shui rules are obvious about how accumulated objects prevent the positive movement of energy in your life. Such usual sense life principles have the same origin with the necessity to clean our homes on a regular basis. Envisage what it’s like that after a laborious day at work you come home and you find it clean and also, dinner is ready. You’ll feel the positive energy running through your body nearly instantly and your disposition will change within seconds.

Feng shui decorating style adopts easy harmonious lines, it is exactly the very opposite of bombastic and obtrusive design. Too many objects in a room would obstruct the natural balance in the flow of the life force, consequently, you need to surround yourself with the and strictly necessary items chosen on good taste criteria. Feng shui decorating is not the same with austere house design, on the contrary, this art encourages warmth, light, beauty in nice shapes and open spaces that do not capture or break the energy. A fine and harmonious home will undeniably lay its imprint on the people who live in it, and most often improvements in all life sectors will be noticed.

in various virtual stores, feng shui items are considered implements to remedy a broken or slow moving energy flow that could be accountable for the things that don’t go well in your life. The choice and use of feng shui items needs to be carefully guided by the use of the Ba – Gua, the octagonal grid that gives you specification of how to arrange the space according to cardinal points, colors, fundamental elements and life sectors. Thus, feng shui symbols of good fortune can be hung in various parts of the house or the office as ways to fix love life, career opportunities and nurture good health.

Feng shui rules have often led to the creation of taboos, and from a certain point of view they can become endless. Clear – cut notions and truths are difficult to pass since the very world of the feng shui art is not an exact science but a subtle one, relying on interpretations, peculiarities and all sorts of environmental details. While the taboos are countless, the feng shui rules allow one to organize space more conveniently and in a way that brings out the goodness. Here are a few tips on dos and don’ts as the first consequences of the correct or incorrect applications of feng shui rules.

The creation of positive flows of energy into a defined space is most easily achieved by means of feng shui colors. Each color expresses one of the five elements water, metal, wood, earth and fire; they are all represented on the color chart called Ba – Gua, together with the cardinal points and the life sectors they correspond to. Different guides for feng shui colors have been made, and they can be downloaded from various Internet sites that deal in feng shui consultancy. How does one integrate the feng shui color in the decor? Wall painting is not the only way to balance the color energy in your room: art, photography and decorations are other viable means.

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