Our Future Energy Sources and Wind Power

Our Future Energy Sources and Wind Power
by David Sullivan

As energy costs rise and fossil fuel supplies dry out, more and more people are becoming concerned with the availability and future cost of energy. Energy sources are beginning to emerge that have never been as cost effective, but are completely renewable. Many of these energies are completely environment-friendly, as well.

If you are concerned with rising energy costs too, an excellent energy that you can implement yourself if wind energy. You can build your own turbines that will last for years and end up saving you a lot of money and worry.

If you decide to build wind turbine generators you need to consider your location, neighborhood, zoning laws and the amount of electrical power that you hope to generate. You need at least a acre of open land, or a tower higher than anything in the area so there is room for the blades to catch wind and turn. The higher the average wind speed in your area, the better your energy savings will be.

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If you have a good location with a good wind speed, these wind powered generators can make a big dent in your power bill. Some people have been able to build wind turbine machines that not only provide enough power for their home, but an entire farm and even create additional power.

And any additional energy made by your wind turbines that you don’t use will go back into the grid, and your power company will cut you a check. If you aren’t wired to the grid you may store the extra power in batteries for backup.

Most individuals will have to settle for a slightly scaled back version of this plan. Home owners often have limited room to use for this project. Depending upon the average wind speed in your area though, you can still manage to rack up some substantial savings.

Upwards of 50% of your energy bill can be saved by building a wind turbine that might only cost a $100-$200 to make. It can also be put up in a matter of a week or two, depending on how much time you want to put in. The components of a turbine are actually very basic, you just need to know what to do.

A wind turbine requires very little maintenance, and you can mount one on a single pole located in your yard. It can help you decrease your power costs by a decent amount every month.

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