Copper – Still the Metal of Choice for Heating and Plumbing

by Tal Potishman

Copper is a favourite metal among machinists, plumbers and other industrial professionals. This metal has been used at least ten thousand years and historians believe that only iron and gold were used as functional metals before ancient peoples discovered copper. Copper’s natural colour is red, though over time, with prolonged exposure to oxygen, copper can turn green.

Professionals in the and heating industries have been using copper their pipes and for a number of the electrical devices that help operate the heating and plumbing systems the professionals create. While copper has been used commonly for almost a century, copper miners have recently begun raising the price of the metal out of fear that the world’s available copper supply will not meet the demand.

Copper tubing is the most reliable transport mechanism water in the United Kingdom and in recent years it has also been used to the transport of natural gas. The “quality standard” in the heating and industry in the UK is copper and there is not one single building code that forbids the metal’s use. This metal is durable and strong and can protect the health of humans and larger organisms by hindering the growth of bacteria on its surface.

In terms of applications in domestic plumbing, copper is one of the most versatile. Copper carries water and natural gas well while standing up to corrosion and deterioration. Many companies offer a fifty year warranty on copper piping because the business owners understand that copper is not likely to break down or become damaged.

In the UK, heating industry professionals have agreed that radiant heating systems are the best household heating systems that one can in a house. Copper is the best material this underfloor heating. Copper pipes do not pose any risk of leakage or endangering the structural integrity of a home. UK homeowners have begun installing underfloor heating because it is the most efficient method of heating one’s and it is the most cost effective.

Copper has also proved very useful in cooling systems because it can distribute cool air as easily as it can warm air. Manufacturers have begun using copper in cooling units with massive success. Copper works to increase the lifetime of the machines as well as their effectiveness.

In addition to its heating and cooling properties and its structural integrity, copper is also known being environmentally friendly. This metal does not go bad and can be recycled indefinitely. It is a natural germ fighter and is often used for doorknobs and surfaces in hospitals. Copper also helps the human body produce haemoglobin and fights against coronary heart disease and high cholesterol levels.

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