The Benefits of Having a Home Security Camera

by Artur Knowles

Statistics have shown that robberies are getting more and more rampant these days. Based on FBI reports, robberies have been increasing steadily since the year 1999 up to year 2003.

What is most alarming lately about these numbers is that by 2003, fourteen percent of the crime has taken from the streets and other public areas into more suburban and residential areas. This implies that places which should be kept safest for us and our families are, now not exempted from these robberies.

Home Camera

Installing a home camera is one of the most measure that a homeowner can think of. Home security cameras are easy to install. Although it cannot prevent or stop anyone from breaking into your home, it can discourage and ward off robbers since live feeds from home cameras can now be transmitted to local receivers and monitoring stations. These live camera feeds are constantly monitored by people from your remote home security system, enabling them to respond immediately and appropriately to any emergency or robbery. Another thing about home security cameras that can discourage robbers are its recordings that can now be used in court as evidence of the crime.

Installing Your Camera

Home cameras come in many different types and shapes. Depending on what the homeowner needs, there are several home security camera models. These security cameras can be either wired or wireless. Of course, many homeowners opt for the wireless as it is hassle-free compared wired home security cameras where you have cords snaking along every corner. Most of these home security cameras are also easy to install so homeowners can even do it themselves.

Some homes opt to set up their home cameras in plain sight. As mentioned, robbers may be discouraged from committing any crime when they see the camera, knowing full well that its recordings can hold water in court. There are also some large homes that have their home security cameras strategically placed, hidden. This allows the homeowners to monitor guests and house help.

How Many Do You Need?

Normally, the specific number of home cameras that you will need will depend on the following factors:

– the size of the grounds – the size of your home – the number of rooms you want to cover – the number of entrance and exits you want to cover – how closely you want every corner monitored

Home security cameras are essential to giving your home some level of security. However, what every homeowner should keep in mind is that these home security cameras would be worthless and useless if they are not backed with a strong home security system. Home security cameras become pointless if there is no one to see and monitor the feeds and it becomes even more futile if there is no one to respond to emergency situations.

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