american standard bathtubs

by Chuck Bress

The first type of tub I looked into is the Clawfoot bathtub. Clawfoot is a freestanding tub and are the original tub made of cast iron. Typically there are styles. Slipper tub where one side of the Clawfoot tub is slopped for making it more comfortable, classic roll rim where the rim of the tub is rolled down, and double slopped style.

Spa bathtubs are popular in the United States. Jacuzzi developed a innovative bathtub called whirlpool in the late 1960s. Jacuzzi whirlpool tubs are for both therapeutic uses and relaxation. The water is directed under pressure to different points on the body.

Remember hearing about or seeing pictures of tubs in the middle of a big room. Those are called pedestal or free standing tubs. These tubs were used by the rich back in 900 BC.

The tub allows a roomier feel for any master bedroom. It’s purpose is to maximize space

Walk-in bathtubs help the elderly or handicap with bathing. The seat makes bathing easier. Usually these come with a door that offers a water tight seal.

A lot of parents enjoy the baby bathtub. It allows the parent to bath the child and helps to keep the head out of the water. Parents like to be able to this miniature tub in a sink or next to a sink or in a bigger tub.

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