The Exotic Orchid Plant

The Exotic Orchid Plant
by Kent Higgins

Orchids are very beautiful and unique plants, with amazing flowers. These flowers come in astonishing color combinations, and add an exotic touch to any location. In nature, orchids are usually aerial plants, so their roots grow in the air or attached to tree trunks.

There are over 25,000 known species of orchids growing worldwide. This number is always growing due to new discoveries in remote locations, as well as the creation of new hybrid varieties. Many of these varieties are found in rainforests and tropical areas where they thrive in the humid climate. There are three main types of orchids, although this by no means encompasses all of the known or commercially available orchid species.

Dendrobiums are among the most popular types of orchid plants. Some bloom with white flowers, while others are purple or yellow. These are usually found in Asia and other tropical areas, including the Philippines, Borneo, New Zealand, Australia, and New Guinea. Due to demand, there are many newly created hybrid species based on Dendrobium orchids. These are specially created to have large, exotic flowers, unlike those found on most other plants, and many bloom for longer seasons than most other orchids.

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Cattleyas are another type of beautiful orchid. These are found in some South American countries, as well as parts of Asia. These are among the most extravagant species of orchids, and each plant produces from one to eight flowers per season. The amazing colors of these flowers range from white and yellow to dark purple. Cattleya orchids do not grow tall, but instead spread out along a tree trunk or other surface.

Another unique orchid species, the Vanda, is a very strange looking type of orchid. Their leaves grow on a single tall stalk, with flower stalks sprouting from the leaves’ bases. These stalks can grow up to twenty individual booms of exotic flowers. Vanda orchids are found in India, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, the Himalayas, Australia, and New Guinea.

These three types of orchid species are just a few of the different species. There are many rarer or more exotic orchid species, as well as newly discovered species that have actually existed for hundreds of years in remote areas of the rainforest. For example, with special care for phalaenopsis, in places very different from rainforests or tropical climates, such as the average home is very possible. Many hybrids, in fact, are grown particularly for adaptation to indoor climates.

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