Wolfcraft Router Table Plans Can Be Found Online

by Peter Wilson

Router tables are extremely handy tools for wood working projects. You won’t be able to shape wood without one. Every wood worker needs to have one in their shop. Pre-made router tables are a good option, but they are extremely expensive. If you are handy and feel up to challenge, you can build your own router table and save big bucks. This guide will help you get the job done.

How to Build Router Tables

first decision you have to make is to decide between permanent tables or folding tables. If you have a small space, folding tables are the best choices, because they can be folded and stored against a wall in the garage or basement when you’re not using it. Permanent tables have to stay put, but they are more stable. A permanent table is a good pick if you have the room in your shop and you use the router often.

Now you have to pick right wood for your router table. Go for durable, high quality wood. Good materials lead to good tables that will last and last.

Usually, you will build base of the table first. Obviously, the legs must be exactly the same size so the table does not wobble. You’ll have to use a sander to shave off small difference between the legs.

supports for the sides and back come next and are then followed by the router table top. Hardwood or plywood that has a laminate is a must for table top. The plywood you use must have the label furniture grade.

Alternatively, you can buy a complete, ready to assemble router table set. These sets come with everything you need to build your table from start to finish, as well as full plans to put whole thing together.

Optional additions to your router table include a cabinets system for storing your extra tools. One important addition is a mechanism for capturing dust that is created by using your saw. Dust and mess around saws are safety hazards because they can cause slips.

Where to Find Plans for Router Tables

Plans for router tables are widely available on internet, and they can often be downloaded for free. Your local library is another great resource for finding plans. Check out popular, expensive tables, like Wolfcraft router tables, and see how they are built and then find plans that can help you create a table like the big price brands.

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