Home Built Wind Generator – Kits vs Do It Yourself

by Adrian Fletcher

It may seem implausible to you to dispense with your utility company, but for many people this is becoming a reality. And the motivation is many fold. however, top of the reasons is that it can save money.

Electricity bills are getting more expansive each year. And whether you can say the power companies are greedy or merely that the of finding and extracting the raw materials is increasing, the salient point is that people are warming to the idea of DIY power generation. A great way to make your own power is with a home built wind generator.

Why a Home Built Wind Generator ?

Well, why not is the best possible answer.

You get free energy once the wind generator in up. It costs little to no money to maintain the generator. Sounds like a good plan, but there are a few prerequisites. You need a fair degree of wind blowing your way to make it viable. You also need a spare piece of land to erect the turbine.

Kits Vs Home

The increased awareness of alternative energy has spawned many products in the home built wind generator field. Some are good and some not so, but basically you have two options – buy a kit or you can buy plans and build the generator from scratch. The kit is easy to install and is aimed at people without much DIY knowledge or expertise. A DIY solution require a bit or experience but gives you more flexibility in design and implementation.

If you are handy around the house and can follow instructions but dont have enough electrical or mechanical know-how, the do-it-yourself kits to create your own home built wind generator are the best option. Pricing will vary depending on the materials used but if you are up to a challenge, you can definitely build a wind turbine generator from scratch at a fraction of the price.

For the home built wind generator made from scratch, there are a number of books as well as websites which feature schematics for different models and sizes. The rotor blades can be fashioned out of wood, metal and even PVC and the motors can be found in a variety of places.

It is all a matter of your mechanical and electrical abilities as well as craftiness in substituting materials. However, hopefully the end result is a home built wind generator that actually produces a little energy.

For most people, a home built wind generator will be a useful addition to your existing energy sources, like the grid. It is unlikely it will completely power your home. More likely it will provide the power for a few appliances. Even so this will reduce your electricity bills and is just a start to your alternative energy power sources adventure.

A home built wind generator will not only save you a few dollar on your bills, it will help the environment and diminish your carbon footprint. Every little bit helps..everyone has a part to play.

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