Many Of The Best Insect Pest Control Companies Use Dogs

For millennia, dogs have used their incredible noses to track down prey hidden in the most remote areas.  Now, dogs have it pretty cushy today and don’t need to hunt for a living.  But they still use their noses to hunt for bugs in the pest control industry.  After seeing how drug and bomb sniffing dogs work, the same training techniques were applied for dogs to find termites, bedbugs or whatever critter you want.  They have the best insect pest control detectors in the business.

Best Insect Pest Control – The Dogs Nose Knows

A dog’s sense of is estimated to be thousands of times more powerful than a person’s.  There are some scientists and dog lovers who theorize that dogs use their noses like radar.  It’s also been discovered that insects like termites or bedbugs give off a certain distinctive odor that we can’t smell but a dog can.  These incredible noses are the reasons why the best insect pest control businesses use dogs as bug detectors.

The Usual Of Best Insect Pest Control

Getting your home sprayed for termites, bedbugs or other pests without the help of a dog is a nightmare.  This means that your whole home is sprayed.In order to get the pesticides into your hoe, your walls and floors needed to have many holes drilled into them.  This not only cost a fortune, but made incredible damage and stank to high heaven.

But since dogs have been used as the best insect pest control detectors, there isn’t any need for an exterminator to make such damage and to lay down so much strong pesticides in your living area.  These chemicals are made to kill insects, but they can also get you sick just by having to breathe in a tiny bit of their fumes for weeks on end.

The Normal Cost Of Best Insect Pest Control

For now, dogs as the best insect pest control detectors are not considered the norm in the extermination industry.  It takes a to train a dog to not only find the bugs, but give you reliable signals that he or she has found the bugs.  They also need to be safe around people and love to meet strangers.  It can take months to train a dog to be the world’s best insect pest control detector.

Dogs are still rare in the extermination industry.  If a company uses dogs, then they only have one or two.  This means a dog can only go to a limited number of properties a day.  But since more and more of the best insect pest control companies are asking for dogs, more are being trained and hopefully, the cost of hiring one go down.

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