The design of your home has to be practical and functional

by Claudio Carbeni

Everyone likes to save money and when it comes to the interior design of their home there is no exception. There is nothing wrong with tackling interior design projects if you can do the job properly and the job serves its purpose.

A great sense of accomplishment can be achieved from a job done especially if it is a project both you and your partner have tackled together.

DIY home improvements has come into its own of late, affording amateurs to tackle home improvements with a great deal of success. As you are probably aware, there are certain home improvements we have to leave for the professional. Some well intentioned DIY home improvements can result in a catastrophe so it would do you well to remember, it is your “home” you are to improve for the better.

There are many instructional DVDs and informative books available for DIY projects. So please, watch and read any DIY home project very diligently – even to the point of taking notes. If the project you are attempting involves plumbing or electrical work – please, call in a professional. Both of these types of improvements can cause damage and harm not only to your home but also to you personally. It may seem simple but its nothing like installing a new swing arm curtain rod.


Before you decide to knock out a wall of your home to enlarge another room please ensure it is not a “loadbearing” wall. you try knocking out a loadbearing wall you are going to find yourself in a whole heap of grief. If in doubt, and you still wish to knock this particular wall out – get in a professional to verify the status of the wall and if it is just a partitioning wall, feel safe in the knowledge that a professional builder has deemed it to be so.

Back to that wall you want to remove – please ensure that there are no electrical or plumbing lines running through it because severing them can seriously injure you and will create a disaster your home is concerned. Never assume anything!

You need to understand and accept your own limitations and you need to be responsible. That old clich – “If in doubt – don’t” will hold you in good stead and your home as well. Home improvements are not about “ego.” They are about the look and functionality of your home.

There are many improvements you will be able to accomplish yourself and there are many you won’t. You have to be honest with yourself and accept the fact that you cannot refurbish “everything” you would like to – that’s why there are professionals.

Bear in mind that, if your house is covered by householder’s/homeowner’s insurance companies will not cover any damage due to careless home interior design. So be very sure about tackling a particular DIY home renovation idea before actually tackling it, but leave the heavy duty stuff to the professionals.

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