All the Benefits of a Removable Wall Sticker

All the Benefits of a Removable Wall Sticker
by Melissa Evans

Removable wall sticker designs do not usually enter the thoughts of the average American when redecorating his or her home. This artistic decorating technique began in France and was adopted in the U.S. mostly to customize the appearance vehicles. Nowadays however, wall stickers are increasingly used in homes, apartments, and condominiums. The increasing popularity of removable wall decals is due to its many aesthetic and functional benefits.

First of all, a removable wall sticker is very affordable, especially when compared to traditional decorative costs, such as painting a room or putting up fancy new wallpaper. A removable wall sticker can sell for less than the price of a movie ticket and is much easier to take on and off.

What is the cost of painting a room? It will equal the cost of paint plus primer plus brushes plus various other tools. Most households hire professionals to do their painting, especially if they have a lot of money invested in the project. (For example, buying a piece of real estate they will eventually resell) Others will hire professional painters simply because they know they couldnt do a quality paint job on their own.

What about the cost of drawing a picture on the wall? You will have to figure out the cost of hiring an artist plus the cost of painting supplies when your child decides its time to change the design. Children have been known to be indecisive and then suddenly very determined at a moments notice! You cant afford to let your child dictate when and where youre going to paint or install new wallpaper. Its not practical, at least financially speaking.

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You also do not need to make the unreasonable demand that your child commit to his or her design choice for years. You or your child can breathe easy while choosing the design, because wall stickers cost so much less to apply and replace. Some decals being sold today still require to be dipped in water, but vinyl-based decals make the process much easier. All you need to do is peel off the paper and smooth it on the surface.

Other wall decorations leave residue on the wall or furniture that are difficult to remove. But vinyl- based removable decals involve minimal to zero clean-up which prevents adding scratches or chipping paint surfaces on walls or furniture. Vinyl wall decals are better than double-taping posters and prints on walls because tape loses its adhesive strength after some time and the art work falls off. Apartment renters who have the obligation to maintain the property in order to get their deposit, and homeowners who plan to sell their property in a few years, will also decrease their costs in the long-run if they choose to decorate with wall decals.

Aside from the monetary savings in time and value, wall stickers open new opportunities for parents and children to do a project together and just have fun. For young children, excitement in receiving wall stickers is not just the product but the extra quality time they can spend with their parents in placing the wall stickers or spelling out their names with decal letters. The themes and color schemes of wall stickers also evoke fun and warmth. Sample themes are Black, Pink, & Green are Keen!, I love Ladybugs, and Hip to be Square.

Hence, if you are about to engage in a room decorating project with your kid, removable wall decals are a must for inexpensive and enchanting wall decorations. Decals are available in a variety of sizes to complete your space. They can also be applied in multiple surfaces such as walls, furniture, and mirrors. A whole set is less than ten dollars while individual decals are around three dollars. So dont get overwhelmed with change. Give your child the freedom to create different room designs more often with removable wall decals.

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