DVR Security Cameras – Understanding The Basics

In ’s life, security is the main concern as the is increasing day by day. DVR Security cameras are useful in providing safety to you, your family and your business. The DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. It is also known as Personal Video Recorder (PVR). DVR is a device that records the video in a digital format on a drive. Mostly the on which DVR records the video is a disk drive. When you use a DVR device for security purposes, it is called DVR security system. Security DVR consists of a stand alone set-top box and a software. The software supplied with DVR system is used on the computer and allows video capturing and playing back the video. The video captured through the DVR system can be played directly from the drive.

Now-a-days, many companies have started selling television with in-built DVR system (software and hardware both). A DVR security camera provides recording time in comparison to traditional VCR systems. This is the reason that many CCTV companies uses DVR security camera to record daily activities.

DVR security cameras are latest in the field of CCTV surveillance. The picture quality provided by DVR security camera is amazing. DVR security cameras have following features:

• Applications – DVR security cameras can be used for indoor as well as outdoor applications.

• Ease of use – A DVR security camera is very easy to use.

• Video quality – Most of the Security DVRs are able to record audio as well as video. And the quality of video is fantastic.

• Remote Access – This feature allows you to access the DVR security cameras from a remote location via internet. This becomes very helpful to keep a watch at a place where you have installed the camera even when you are not present there.

• Instant playback – DVR Security camera allows you to play the recorded video instantly without rewinding or forwarding and hence saves your time.

• Customization – DVR security camera allows customization as per your needs (personal or business related).

• Affordability – DVR security cameras are cost- effective.

• Selective navigation- You can search the video recorded by DVD security camera on the basis of even, time, or date.

• Identification of criminal becomes easier with DVR security cameras as they produce sharp images.

DVR cameras with many advanced features such as motion detectors, pre- alarm function, email and ftp server notification, video compression, virus-care system and many more. Now a day’s mobile DVR security camera are also in the market. These mobile cameras are specifically meant for transportation industry. Mobile DVR cameras can be used in school buses, cars, taxis, trains, trucks, ships, aircraft, airport shuttles, emergency vehicles, fire vehicles, police vehicles, vans, delivery service vehicles, bank cash transportation vehicle, prisoner buses etc. Mobile cameras are very reliable and sturdy and at the same time reasonably priced.

DVR surveillance camera systems can give safety comfort to you and your family, as you can watch, who is entering your house. So whom are you waiting for! Provide security to those whom you love the most.

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