Choosing a Home Pest Control Service – Questions to Ask

Choosing a Home Pest Control Service - Questions to Ask
by Russ Frank

Some questions concerning an indoor pest control service will be answered when they meet you to provide an estimate. Was their personal appearance and manner professional? Were they on time for the appointment? If not did they call ahead to let you know? Was their vehicle well marked, clean and professional? Were they helpful and informative or did they try high pressure sales tactics?

One question to ask a pest control service is “How long have you been in business?” More experience is better. Another question is how much training and experience your technician will have? Professional home pest control companies are typically required to provide all licensed technicians with training annually or even more often.

“Are you licensed?” is a reasonable question. Check with your state to verify their answer. You should not do business with any home pest control company that is not 100% legal.

“Are you insured?” Ask for a certificate of insurance, then verify it with the insurance company. Lack of business insurance is a serious matter. Do not do business with any home pest control company that cannot or will not verify their insurance.

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“What methods of pest control do you use?” This important question will help you understand how the pest control service will be done. Knowledgeable professionals will explain the importance of removing potential sources of shelter and food from the home. They should also talk about techniques that prevent pests from entering the home.

“What will happen if I get an infestation?” Their first response will be to come in and control the infestation. However, what happens next is even more important? How can they prevent a re-infestation? An appropriate response will include an explanation on how they can break the life cycle of the pest.

The only way to evaluate customer service is to ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. Any recommendations will help you gage the effectiveness of the company’s pest control techniques and methods.

Another measure of professionalism is active involvement in pest control industry associations. Does this company belong to professional associations? These associations offer many benefits to their members like educational opportunities. Home pest control companies that don’t belong to at least one professional association are suspect.

Compare the prices and services of at least 3 residential pest control services before reaching a decision. Price is an important factor but professional knowledge and customer service may be even more important.

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