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All You Need to Know About Wood Planers

Introduction: If you are a woodworker, either by profession or by interest, you would know that a wood planer is an indispensable equipment for obtaining accurate thickness and precise leveling on a piece of wood by removing the high spots from the surface. There are a number of other uses also of this tool, which […] Read more

Follow These Tips to Choose the Best Impact Socket Brand

A wrench is a valuable tool for any mechanical work, and no one will have any disagreement with it. But a wrench can work effectively only if it is paired with right kind impact socket and that too from a trusted brand. Many people have no idea about choosing the best impact socket, and because […] Read more

5 Advantages of Agricultural Metal Buildings

If you’re in the market for materials for your new agricultural building, you’re probably wondering what kind of material is the best for you. Should you go with wood? Brick? Or some other mystery material? Well, let me tell you a secret...steel is the best material for your agricultural building. You may not have thought […] Read more

Christmas Present Idea: DIY soaps

Und jedes Jahr die neue Frage: was schenke ich Freunden und Familie zu Weihnachten ? Ich finde es dieses Jahr besonders schwer, da eigentlich jeder schon alles hat und alles was ich kaufen w?rde, einfach nur “Zeugs” und nichts n?tzliches w?re. Ein paar… Permalink to ‘Christmas Present Idea: DIY soaps’ Read more

DIY Vintage Christmas Wreath

Create your own DIY Vintage Christmas Wreath. When Interflora got in touch introducing a selection of DIY Christmas tutorials, I wanted to share their Vintage inspired Wreath. They have taken inspiration from traditional Christmas decorations combined… Permalink to ‘DIY Vintage Christmas Wreath’ Read more

A Few Thoughts about Design

A whole book could be written about design. Oh wait, there are whole books written about it! Seriously, over the years, I’ve come up with a few things I think work….     Ceilings vs walls.   In the past, all ceilings were… Permalink to ‘A Few Thoughts about Design’ Read more
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Budget Friendly DIY Furniture For Your Basement

Budget Friendly DIY Furniture For Your Basement If you’re remodeling or refinishing your basement you know that costs can add up quickly. You can shop online for furnishings, hoping to find some great deals. It’s also worth checking out your local thrift… Permalink to ‘Budget Friendly DIY Furniture For Your Basement’ Read more

Choosing Your Next Set of Outdoor Furniture

Although we may spend the majority of our time indoors when the weather is cold outside, our thoughts will turn to the outside when the weather is improving. Spending time with family and friends in our outdoor environment is both comfortable and convenient…. Permalink to ‘Choosing Your Next Set of Outdoor Furniture’ Read more

How To Antique Furniture

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for all things antique and vintage-especially things with a story. This antique wardrobe that I found at Brownstone Treasures was the first piece I purchased when I left my cramped space in Manhattan for an upgraded Brooklyn… Permalink to ‘How To Antique Furniture’ Read more

Tip: Best Material For Outdoor Patio Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture is manufactured from a wide variety of materials. The type of material that is used in the manufacturing of deep seating furniture can have a significant impact on the way that it looks and on its ability to last in the elements… Permalink to ‘Tip: Best Material For Outdoor Patio Furniture’ Read more