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Our Kitchen Remodel – Part 3

Well here we are for part 3 of our kitchen remodel.  We left off last week with our beautiful new flooring.     Because the island was going to be 10′ x 3.5′ we really need to do something about the door to the pantry.  There would…

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Under Stairs Storage Ideas

12 Clever Under Stairs Storage Ideas and Inspiration Are you utilizing all of your available space? How about the area below your stairs? Using your existing space you can help declutter your home by adding some functional storage to areas that are usually…

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A Few Steps to Cabinet Painting

Easy Cabinet Painting

The first step to having your cabinet painted is the cost and challenge to a major remodel. Cabinet Painting can get you huge benefits as compared to messy remodeling techniques. A fresh look to our cabinets can easily be achieved by just a few coats…

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Bathroom Cabinets

So, you have decided to remodel your bathroom and you have also decided to replace those old, worn out cabinets which have seen better days. Bathroom cabinets play a major role in maintaining an organized bathroom. Besides being of maximum utility, they…

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Can Building a Home With Stone. Pros & Cons

“Can I build a home with stone?” Yes, you can, if you choose to do stone house. You will be following an ancient tradition of shelter building combined with the modern choice to live in a more eco-friendly home. The ancient art of stone house These houses…

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Our Kitchen Remodel – Part 2

Did I leave you in suspense after the last kitchen post?  Well, here it is.. part 2 of our kitchen remodel .  We left off with the new, smaller windows installed and the wall framed and insulated.     After our week long vacation,…

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How to Get the Best Flagstone Patio!

Patios are quite popular all over the world and there are many contractors that provide stunning patio design and installations to the customers. Most of us, when we think of concrete we imagine the lifeless, cold, gray, hard surfaces that make…

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Build a Mancave in Your Basement

A house may be home for everyone living in it but it always requires some room for the so called “mancave”. We all know that men crave for their own place in the house to keep their things. From recent studies, it has been shown that 40% of men have maintained their own mancaves inside […]

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Home Renovations That Will Increase a Property’s Value

Regardless of how long you plan to stay in your home, it is important to find ways to increase its value. Home improvement benefits you in ways that go beyond resale. Boosting a home’s value increases financing options, and gives you more collateral. We are taught from the time we are young that the great […]

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Why Laminate Flooring May Be Perfect For You

Most homeowners tend to associate the term ‘laminate’ with cheapness but the real truth is very different from this. While there is no doubt that laminate flooring is usually less than the genuine hardwood flooring, you might be surprised that the benefits…

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