Residential Green Building


Can Building a Home With Stone. Pros & Cons

“Can I build a home with stone?” Yes, you can, if you choose to do stone house. You will be following an ancient tradition of shelter building combined with the modern choice to live in a more eco-friendly home. The ancient art of stone house These houses…

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People Who Live In Glass Houses… Should Know These Energy-Saving Tips

Today, there are diverse materials for construction, including glass and steel. Fortified glass that is fit for buildings as well as homes can withstand tough weather and great force, while steel is also very durable and resilient. When these two are combined in creating a structure, the building will possess the impressive qualities of both […]

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The Greening of Your Home

The title of this post pays tribute to a book published back in the 1970’s entitled “The Greening of America“. While we don’t know exactly how to make an entire country “green”, we do know a few ways to make your house green. Green “Power” The green movement has many benefits associated with it, including […]

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Home Energy Evaluation Survey

On the Lookout for Home Capabilities Over the years, people have experienced the need for more efficient homes. This is opposed to the belief that as long as a house has walls and a roof, then it is better than nothing. It is not only the homeowners and buyers that are putting emphasis on energy […]

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Shopping Paradigm Shift – Ebates Join Free

Too many of us have spent our time shopping at our local stores without even thinking or examining how our time and productivity could be better spent. A typical Saturday morning arrives and we hop into our cars/minivans/trucks while firing up our engines (and several hundred horsepower of energy to boot) just to zoom down […]

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