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How to Deal with the Scourge of Winter Pests

Winter pests are a challenge as centipedes, insects, rodents and other vermin seek a safe haven from the cold weather at this time of year.  Your warm and cozy home offers just such a pleasant environment for pests. Mice and other rodents are the… Permalink to ‘How to Deal with the Scourge of Winter Pests’ Read more
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Kick Out Flashing – What It Is and Where It Should Be Installed

American Home Counsel is a consortium of professionals in the home building, real estate, development, financing, and education professions. Legally own more than 1,200 latest eBooks with Full Resell Right that allows you to resell and distribute them… Permalink to ‘Kick Out Flashing – What It Is and Where It Should Be Read more
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How To Antique Furniture

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for all things antique and vintage-especially things with a story. This antique wardrobe that I found at Brownstone Treasures was the first piece I purchased when I left my cramped space in Manhattan for an upgraded Brooklyn… Permalink to ‘How To Antique Furniture’ Read more

Tip: Best Material For Outdoor Patio Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture is manufactured from a wide variety of materials. The type of material that is used in the manufacturing of deep seating furniture can have a significant impact on the way that it looks and on its ability to last in the elements… Permalink to ‘Tip: Best Material For Outdoor Patio Furniture’ Read more

What is Land Clearance and Why Would You Need It?

Land clearance is quite simply what it says on the tin, but there are lots of different types of it. It isn't as simple as knocking down a building and moving on. There are so many government regulations around the UK which are designed to limit any damage to the environment and the habitat of […] Read more
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Custom Desk Idea

With the launch of Idyllwild Designs Shop rapidly approaching, (we’re on day 35) we knew it was time to get an upgrade in the home office department. That is in fact, that we wanted a home office instead of one of us being on the couch and the other… Permalink to ‘Custom Desk Idea’ Read more

13 Inspirational Basement Office Designs

Basements Are a Great Place for a Home Office Having your own basement home office can be one of the best investments you can make. Being able to get all of your work done in a comfy, quiet place full of distractions is an easy way to increase your productivity…. Permalink to ’13 Inspirational Basement […] Read more
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10 Misconceptions about Composting

Yard waste composting bin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)   Ten (10) Misconceptions About Composting           Composting can be an involved process, especially for beginners.   There are a lot of stories and television programs… Permalink to ’10 Misconceptions about Composting’ Read more
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A Few Thoughts about Design

A whole book could be written about design. Oh wait, there are whole books written about it! Seriously, over the years, I’ve come up with a few things I think work….     Ceilings vs walls.   In the past, all ceilings were… Permalink to ‘A Few Thoughts about Design’ Read more

The Benefits of Using Aluminum Sliding Windows

Aluminum sliding windows have been in the market for some time. They are the preference of most builders and also the home owners. The reason that they are so popular is that they have many advantages over other types of windows. Before aluminum sliding windows became popular, most houses boasted wooden shuttered windows. Though wood […] Read more
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