Wood Deck Construction

Making Your Bathroom Floor Comfortable As It Should Be

While many people look down at the floor of the bathroom and see nothing more than a few tiles and a bunch of body hair which has been summarily excised from numerous trips to and fro the shower, some people see a whole lot more. The truth is that your bathroom floor should be a comfortable place for you to be as you are there all alone so much of the time, you’re in there in the nude, you’re in there first thing in the morning, you’re in there last thing before bed so, at your most vulnerable you should remember that all points in the bathroom should be a soothing experience.

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Will you become a victim of lock bumping this year?

At Defcon in 2005, an eleven year old girl named Jennalynn gave an eye popping demonstration of how easily she could bump open any lock presented. She showed off her talent by lock bumping an M3 high security lock from Medeco. The company claims that this lock is unbumpable.

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