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3 Choice Carpet Tips We All Need To Know

When it comes to choosing a luxurious flooring medium, we usually fall at the first hurdle and go for a lovely carpet. This is not only the obvious option but usually the most sensible choice for our family home. Sure, you could have thought about a hardwood design or perhaps even stretched to some ceramic […]

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urban classic

Urban Classic Home Decor Ideas

Urban classic home decor is a classic combination of traditional furniture mixed with sophisticated details and striking accessories. This style of home decor creates a comfortable and live-able environment, while still appearing upscale and…

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How to Find Rare Collectibles in Antique Fairs

There is nothing more charming than a day spent antiquing at an antique fair. Whether you are looking to buy antique furniture or antique chandeliers, you can find them in most antique fairs. Not only are antiques beautiful and nostalgic, there are many that are also rare and worth a lot of money. To buy […]

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Decorate Kids Room On a Thrift Store Budget

My new project is my son’s room. I love decorating but usually it’s all in my head (lol). It’s so exciting to see the images in my head become reality. I decided to visit my local thrift store for some cheap items I can re-purpose. The items were so…

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How to Rock Your Home Office Decor

We love home office decor, its stylish and unique, here are some amazing ideas to make your office space more chic and more inspiring, follow us on Pinterest to see many more ideas and boards.                  …

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A New Color Trend – Olive Green

While I love the natural color of olive green and that it immediately makes me think of rustic elements and the Mediterranean, I never thought I would be wanting to add it to my own home. After seeing Jenny transform her bathroom with olive green notes…

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Awesome Ideas to Add Character to Your Home

Having a home we love is something we all try to obtain. Maybe you have made all of the big changes to your home and have now run out of projects for yourself. Maybe you want to change your landscape or remodel the bathroom but doing so is beyond your budget.  Below are a few […]

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Easy Tips to Make the Most Of Your Interior Design

The economy is beginning to grow again, so a lot more individuals are becoming thinking about developing the interior of their homes. If you wish to assist your house appearance good, and help the economy return on its task then invest time and money into dealing with the interior of your home. If you desire […]

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Things To Consider When Choosing A New Sofa

Tip of the day: Pergolas of Distinction Spring cleaning can leave you and your house feeling refreshed and shiny as new, but it can also leave you looking at pieces of furniture that may now seem a little drab or in disrepair – they may even need replacing. Or perhaps your spring cleaning has reinforced […]

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What Material Should I Choose For My Fireplace?

A fireplace forms the focal point of any room, placed squarely in the middle, the choice of fireplace can drastically alter the look and feel of a room regardless of the décor that surrounds it. In this guide we look at some popular choices for fireplace materials, and talk about how they may be suitable […]

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