Christmas Tablescape

How to Create a Rustic Christmas Tablescape

Red is such an easy go-to color for Christmas.  But red gets so much attention, not only on Christmas, but on Valentine’s Day, and the whole rest of the year.  So this year, I decided to create a holiday tablescape with no red at all. …

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diy christmas candles

Fun with DIY Christmas Candles

Da in der letzten Woche mein DIY-Seifen-Post der Beliebteste war, folgt heute gleich der nächste DIY-Tipp. Obwohl, ich muss ehrlich zugeben, dass mir und meiner Freundin das Kerzengießen weniger Spaß gemacht hat als die Seifen. Es lief einfach nicht…

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holiday crafters

Great Holiday Deals For Crafters

If there are crafters on your list for holiday shopping this post is going to give you some great Black Friday and Holiday deals that they will love.  Or, if you are the crafter you can put these on your list. One of the reasons I started this blog…

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A Good Balance of Traditional and Modern Arts and Crafts

There are a lot of traditional mediums like painting and sculpture, but art can be expressed in a lot more forms. There are newer forms of art like animation, which can be enjoyed and appreciated even by small kids. I believe that both mediums are good ways to express one’s self, and our children can develop creativity with a healthy dose of both.

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The New Design Studio From Provo Craft

Anybody who has previously enjoyed the unique usability of the Provo Craft Cricut cutting machines will be excited to hear that a new product has been released in addition to the brilliant Cricut range ? the new Cricut Design Studio software.

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The Benefits And Joy Of Crafts For Kids

Art is, or at least should be, a big part of everybody’s life. It expands creativity and critical thinking, and let’s be honest, it’s fun! Unfortunately a lot of kids don’t get the opportunity to do a lot of creative art work during their childhood years. This is where craft activities come in handy.

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Craft Cross Stitch

Cross stitching seems to have evolved from older needlework and embroidery styles. Embroidery involves freehand stitching on a fabric without squares, while both needlework and cross stitch use fabric with holes in it. The difference is that needlework fills up the whole fabric with stitching, while cross stitch often only uses part of the fabric to highlight a design.

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Arts And Crafts Activities

I think that few people outside of education realize how important arts and crafts activities for kids are. You see, education isn’t just about teaching a collection of facts. Education is about teaching an attitude towards the world. You need to teach kids to investigate, to create, and to synthesize their knowledge with previous knowledge and ideas. Arts and crafts ideas allow kids to interact with their learning environment, creating something more true and real than just a selection of facts.

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My Fate in Woodcraft

Fate has a penchant for irony, it seems. I was perfectly happy working as a graphic designer at a mundane advertising agency just a few months back, and I had nothing to do with fairs or festivals. Okay, not happy, but the pay was adequate.

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Top Choices of Crafts

Martha Stewart has made her field on educating people the fun of crafts. The truth is that there are so many things of crafts out there that entire megastores just like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby which are offered to support the consumer along with all of the materials that they would probably need to try any type of craft.

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