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Tips for Starting a Woodworking Business

Tweet At this time of economic uncertainty it can be particularly daunting to start-up a new woodworking business; you may go into the commercial world with the best of intentions but in today’s society you need more than good intentions to be a success…. Permalink to ‘Tips for Starting a Woodworking Business’ Read more

The Secrets of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular remodeling projects for homeowners. Not only does it provide fresh looks to tired and outdated kitchens, it can also provide great returns and provide a key feature for those who are looking to sell their… Permalink to ‘The Secrets of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing’ Read more
Woodworking Plans for Kids

Woodworking Plans for Kids

This article is sponsored by The Woodworker’s Handbook, where you can Find Your Own Plan Of Furniture Woodworking. Th?r? ?r? many activities wh?r? ??u ??n involve children ?nd th?? w?ll b? simply t?? w?ll?ng t? oblige. Children ?r? creative ?nd have ? great imagination power. Th?? ?l?? love t? get involved ?n creating ??m?th?ng new, Read more