A Glimpse At An American Colonial Style Home

It’s interesting to note the story behind the American Colonial style, one of the most popular home decorating themes. This home design started when colonists from Europe migrated to America. When the Europeans settled in their new home, they were forced to leave behind most of their possessions. It’s easy to imagine that they started their life in a new country with little belongings by making their own things for their new home. This gave birth to the combination of homemade furnishings with a European design and the original belongings the settlers brought with them. And this style became known as the American Colonial style.

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Getting Rich with American Real Estate

Private Property rights are an intricate part of our rights as American citizens. Our founding Fathers wrote into the constitution several provisions protecting the property rights of all the people. For example, no state can pass a law impairing the obligation of any contract. Therefore no state can alter the terms of a legally-entered into-contract. This is critical to EVERGREEN COLORADO MORTGAGE law. Without these Federal protections, lenders would not be willing to loan money to borrowers, because the state could legislate them out of their principal, and their interest. The politicians would demagogue the “big money brokers” and pass laws to cheat investors out of their money. Where there is no security, people with money will not lend. These protections are there, to benefit us all, when we are buying a home of our own.

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american standard bathtubs

The first type of tub I looked into is the Clawfoot bathtub. Clawfoot is a freestanding tub and are the original tub made of cast iron. Typically there are 3 styles. Slipper tub where one side of the Clawfoot tub is slopped for making it more comfortable, classic roll rim where the rim of the tub is rolled down, and double slopped style.

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