Painting Your Kitchen on a Budget

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether small or large, this room is the center of your family’s day-to-day living, and odds are your days begin and end there. For this reason, you deserve to have an everlasting, elegant kitchen. After all, a classic kitchen is like a classic car – it never […]

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Tips for Selecting Door Handles that Rock!

You might think it’s such a small thing, and really it is. But it is the small touches such as door handles and hardware that can make all the difference in the world when decorating. The little things are the subtle reminders that bring warmth and confirm that great care was taken in selecting the […]

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21 Tips for Redoing Your Kitchen

You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen. It’s more than just a space for cooking—it’s where you live. So you want it to look good. The following ideas will help you plan out a kitchen that’s as beautiful as it is efficient, so you enjoy being in it as much as you […]

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Woodworking Hardware for Cabinetry & Casegoods

The following content is syndicated from Woodworker’s Journal. Functional hardware today is ever more responsive, as swinging doors are joined by sliding, lift (flap opening upward) and tambour. Touch-to-open and dampened closing slides are gaining ground, too, accompanied by motorized assists. Heavy-duty drawer slides support the weightiest loads — even on very wide bottomed drawers. […]

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Different Types of Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures

There are many under the cabinet lighting fixtures to choose from in the marketplace and the selection continues to grow and grow. To find the best options, look for stores that offer a varied selection of fixtures to take full advantage of the range. Many styles are available and the range is full of functional and/or fashionable items that can suit any budget.

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Home Design Sense – Kitchen Design 2

Universal Design means planning the spaces that everyone finds easy to use. Kitchen design is a sea of opportunity filled with potential. There are certain areas that require consideration when a homeowner is remodeling or renovating the kitchen. It is important to ensure the basic principles of kitchen design are kept in mind, while incorporating […]

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