Carriage Clocks At Home

Carriage clocks were originally made to be carried by travelers in carriages during the nineteenth century. They were more portable than ordinary clocks of the time. They’re also a bit larger than what we think of as a small clock, due to their spring driven mechanisms. From practical time piece, they’ve come to be considered an excellent home decor choice, and they’re getting a lot more popular.

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Carriage Clocks – Gifting An Heirloom

According to French and English horologists, modern carriage clocks, also known as traveling clocks, first came into existence in 1798. A.L. Breguet was responsible for the construction, as well as the sale of this first clock. It was sold to Napoleon in that same year in Paris, France. It is also said that Napoleon required his soldiers to carry these type of clocks so they would never be late for battle.

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