How to Work with Painting Contractors

Personally, I hate painting. Well, let me walk that back a little bit. What I actually hate is all of the stuff that goes on before and after painting – the prep and the cleanup. I especially hate prepping. Mind you, the actual painting part can be fun. Watching a wall or ceiling miraculously change […]

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Water Storage 101

No matter where you live, storing water is an excellent way to prepare for possible bumps in the road. Without this vital product, man can die in a matter of days, so why take unnecessary risks and rely on the government to do the right thing? The problem with storing water is that many of […]

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Valued Crafts at Connecticut Craft Shows

Connecticut is also known as the Constitution State because it is a place vibrant with American history. A paragon of Democracy, its first Constitution is recognized as the first ever written form of Rule by the People. Wherever you go in Connecticut, you can be sure to bump into a bit of history.

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