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Tips To Make Your Home A Fly Free Zone

One of the main side effects of exposed rubbish is flies. Rats and other forms of vermin might take a longw time to find this food source, but flies will appear within a matter of days. They're irritating and are unhygienic. In rare cases, they might even carry sickness and disease. If you're having a […] Read more
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5 Simple Ways Of Making Your Bathroom More Modern

If you are looking for a new renovation project then you should consider renewing your bathroom. A modern bathroom is going to ensure you can really relax after a long day at work and can also increase the value of your home if you are ever going to sell your house. Here are five very […] Read more
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Making Room In Your House For A Home Office

Website of the day: Aurora Basement Finishing The trend towards working from home started a few years back. Now many people are finding it the ideal set-up, especially the women with growing children. They don’t have to deal with crying toddlers and a guilty conscience for having to leave their kids in a daycare center […] Read more

Keep Your Deck Looking Its Best: Two Wood Deck Cleaning Methods

A wood deck is an excellent addition to your home. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property; therefore, it increases its value over time. Unfortunately, wooden decks receive constant abuse from the elements, such as rain, snow, dust, and debris. All these can leave the wooden deck looking dirty, dingy, and grey. Thankfully, periodic Read more
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The Best Way To Winter Proof Your Hot Water Heater Prior To Leaving

If you are living in a place where temperatures can easily drop to several degrees below zero and your water heater will not be used for while then it's important that you winter proof it. If you are leaving for a week or two week long vacation you need to take the required steps in […] Read more
People Who Live In Glass Houses… Should Know These Energy-Saving Tips

People Who Live In Glass Houses… Should Know These Energy-Saving Tips

Today, there are diverse materials for construction, including glass and steel. Fortified glass that is fit for buildings as well as homes can withstand tough weather and great force, while steel is also very durable and resilient. When these two are combined in creating a structure, the building will possess the impressive qualities of both Read more

4 Decorative Pieces To Take With You When Moving Abroad

Moving to a new country is always an exciting experience. People are visiting different countries more and more these days either for study or work purposes. When you are moving to another country you don't want to take all of your old items with you because it is often cheaper to buy new ones at […] Read more

Discover Your Home’s Pet-Ential – 6 Tips For A More Pet-Friendly Interior

When you pass by pet stores or when you see a friend playing with his new furry companion, this might make you feel a teeny bit jealous. It will also put ideas in your head about getting a pet. However, looking at a cute fur ball and taking care of one are two very different […] Read more

How To Unfreeze Frozen Pipes

Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning and no water comes out of the faucet. Blame it on the freezing temperatures during winter. Frozen water pipes are just another reason to hate the frigid weather. When water freezes in a pipe, the cold water expands and exerts pressure on the pipe with more […] Read more
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A Senior-Friendly Home – Tips For Making Your Home Safe For The Elderly

A Senior-Friendly Home – Tips For Making Your Home Safe For The Elderly

As we grow older, our body changes. We develop wrinkles; our hair becomes gray then white; our bones become more brittle; our eyesight fails; even our teeth fall off. In addition to these changes, we also become weaker as our organs and muscles change. Because of the changes we go through as we grow older, […] Read more
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