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How to Diagnose and Deal with Home Wiring Problems

One of the biggest risks in the home, particularly if it's an old house, is that of faulty electrics. Buying a new home is an exciting prospect; however it's one to be completed with a large degree of logic and forethought. The problem with electronic problems is that even though a home may look like […] Read more
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Black and Decker LE750 EdgeHog Electric Landscape Edger

Black and Decker LE750 EdgeHog Electric Landscape Edger uses a powerful 11 Amp motor to chew through the toughest overgrowth and to create super-clean trenches. The Black and Decker LE750 has a three-position blade depth adjustment that lets you control the depth of cut. The Black and Decker LE750 uses a built-in cord retainer to […] Read more
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Porter-Cable C2002 6 Gallon, 150 PSI Pancake Compressor

Oil-free pump design for reliability and no maintenance. Low amp motor starts easily in cold weather or with extension cord. Upgraded shroud handle and console cover protect vital components, makes unit easier to carry, and includes cord wrap. Two regulated factory installed air couplers to easily support two users. Water drain valve and rubber Read more
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