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Recycled Turf For Unique Home Spaces

While reusing and reclaiming building materials has been in the home improvement world for quite some time, another aspect in the world of upcycling is used artificial turf. This isn’t the thin stuff found on rolls at Home Depot, this is professional-grade, lush, turf found in professional sports stadiums all over the United States. There are […]

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How to Find the Right Dumpster Size for Your Next Project

No matter what Home Project or construction you might be working on, a dumpster rental is probably something you are always going to need. Whether you are cleaning out the Home, Remodeling the basement, we’re working on a new construction site… There is always going to be a massive amount of trash that will need […]

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Kitchen Remodeling: When to DIY and when to hire a designer

If you’ve found yourself here on this website, you are probably looking at how you can use your handy-man (or lady) skills to remodel your kitchen and hopefully save some money. Kitchen remodeling can be quite the adventure no matter how you approach it. There are tons of things to consider before even getting out […]

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Home Renovations That Will Increase a Property’s Value

Regardless of how long you plan to stay in your home, it is important to find ways to increase its value. Home improvement benefits you in ways that go beyond resale. Boosting a home’s value increases financing options, and gives you more collateral. We are taught from the time we are young that the great […]

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Increasing The Value Of Your Estate Through Home Improvements

Regardless of how long you plan to stay in your home, it is important to find ways to increase its value. Improvements aren’t just about selling the home, however. Homes with higher value have more refinancing options and they make better collateral. One of the things we teach children is that a house is one […]

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Features and Benefits of Doing a One-Day Bathroom Makeover and Decorating

written by: Jayden Hall For many of us, remodeling a bathroom is a process that takes time, effort and a solid budget to start with. Giving your bathroom a makeover should be of utmost importance for you, especially if you really want to improve its appearance and transform it into your sanctuary. However, many people […]

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5 Things You Should Know About Reproduction Door Knobs

When decorating a home in a period style using reproduction door knobs adds the perfect finishing touch. Thanks to talented craftsmen there are many styles and finishes of reproductions available to suit your décor and personal taste. 1. Know YOUR Style Knowing the style of the period you’re aiming to capture is your first step. […]

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The Job Is All About The Prep: Getting Ready For A Snow Guard Installation

The difference between a successful project and a failure, especially when it comes to home improvement, is the amount of planning that you put in to the project before you started the work.  Proper planning can make even the most difficult jobs a snap, but you to have a game plan so you do not […]

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Painting – My Favorite Home Improvement!

This informative article is brought to you by Professional painter and decorator based in Greenhithe. Home improvement jobs are something that is near and dear to me. I love doing things to fix up my house. More importantly, I love the satisfaction I get when I am able to make the improvement by myself. One […]

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A Loft Conversion for Home Improvement?

This article is brought to you by home builders in Medford Oregon. Home improvement projects scare most people, but there comes a time when you will have no option but to face it. It is fantastic to have additional space in your home which you can use as a study, television room or simply an entertainment […]

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