Pest Control -Protect Your Property And Home

In order to savor a comfy life in your home, it is probably a good idea to get a home maintenance and home inspection every once in a while. And whenever you  do, make a point to include pest control in the analysis. Chemical pest control solutions are quite ancient (probably at least 4000 years […]

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The Pests of Azaleas and Camellias

Starting caladiums in the South during March is not a good idea. We do not attempt to start our main crop of fancy leaved caladiums until the weather gets fairly warm; however, it is possible to start a few in a sunny window this month. If planted too early and if the weather remains cool, the bulbs may rot. A safe method of handling is to start the bulbs in a well-drained bed in a sunny spot.

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Protect Your Orchids from Insects and Pests

Orchids are exquisite exotic plants that produce breathtaking flowers. Orchids are located in tropical and subtropical locations around the world. There are some exceptions to this scenario however. Most have an aerial root system that are attached to the trunks of trees in their natural environment.

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Get Rid of Pest Damage When Growing Houseplants

For most home gardeners, insects and other pests, as well as plant diseases, are not a very important issue. In most cases, the death of your house plant can be traced not to insects or mold but to neglect and improper care, as well as selecting the wrong plant for the environment.

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Organic Garden Pest Control is Cheap and Effective

It is not only important to get rid of pests from your garden, but it is also important to prevent them from destroying your garden. You can use chemicals in the form of pesticides to do this, but it may be as harmful to you as it is to the pests. It is also not […]

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