Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen Remodel Part 4

Well, here we are again with my next kitchen remodel…part 4!  Are you excited?  I am sure you are.  LOL.  I am sad to say this will be my last update for a while.  After this post you will be completely caught up with us and…

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Our Kitchen Remodel – Part 3

Well here we are for part 3 of our kitchen remodel.  We left off last week with our beautiful new flooring.     Because the island was going to be 10′ x 3.5′ we really need to do something about the door to the pantry.  There would…

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Our Kitchen Remodel – Part 2

Did I leave you in suspense after the last kitchen post?  Well, here it is.. part 2 of our kitchen remodel .  We left off with the new, smaller windows installed and the wall framed and insulated.     After our week long vacation,…

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Our Kitchen Remodel – Part 1

It was a cold week in April 2013 when Jeff and I took some vacation time to start our kitchen remodel.  We had received a nice tax refund and were planning to update the floor, put in a new island and get rid of one really big window that was causing…

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Cabinet Refacing Ideas

Before you go looking for kitchen refacing companies just read through this very informative write-up. I will present some of the most important basics and assist you in your decision on the style and general progress of refacing your cabints in the kitchen. There are some many websites that claim to provide articles that are […]

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Find A Contractor not a Rogue Trader and have the Job Finished Correctly

So, you’ve decided to remodel your home. Now you need to find a contractor who will get the job done in the time frame promised, and at or near the estimated cost. Be wary when looking at home improvement contractors, or else you can find yourself in a construction nightmare that can cost you tens […]

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