Maintenance repair and operations

5 Questions to Ask Before Calling a Professional Plumber

What are Your Limits? This informative article brought to you from Centennial Colorado Plumbers. Many plumbing issues can be repaired by the homeowner including those with little in the way of mechanical ability. The problem is, as with most home repair projects, is that the owner may over-estimate their abilities and cause more problems than they […]

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Norwich Homes go for £200,000+ so get your Bathroom Fixed!

The previous owner of my house in Norwich built my bathroom some time in the seventies.  I have always thought that the bathroom is a completely functional place and never put much store in people who want to spend thousands of pounds making the bathroom look like the interior of a spaceship.  However I now […]

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Roof Restoration

Who can possibly imagine a roof-less building? A roof is an essential part of a building that protects it from the sun, wind, rain, snow, and falling debris among other things. However, over time, a roof becomes damaged by these elements. Once a roof becomes damaged, it needs to be repaired and restored right away […]

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