Mortgage loan

Stats and Figures on House Sales in the UK

DJ Crazy Gabe The housing market has undergone a surge in the last few years. Back in 2007 when the financial crisis first became clear, it almost came to a standstill. Banks were irresponsible with their lending policies back then. They suffered heavy losses when people could not repay loans. Many people also reclaimed money […]

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Understanding Creditor Negotiations

When we think of the term creditor, most of us shrink at the thought of owing someone money. Used in the financial world, the term “credit” originated with a chance percentage of whether or not someone would pay back their loans or not. In the early days, a person’s dependability or personal reputation had a lot to do with their ability to pay their bills on time or repay their loans. If these were not paid, the “shooster” was considered undependable and shiftless, and then ran out of town on a rail.

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