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Recycled Turf For Unique Home Spaces

While reusing and reclaiming building materials has been in the home improvement world for quite¬†some time, another aspect in the world of upcycling is used artificial turf. This isn’t the thin stuff found on rolls at Home Depot, this is professional-grade, lush, turf found in professional sports stadiums all over the United States. There are […]

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Tips for Mulching Fruit Trees

It is possible to mulch all the ground where strawberries are growing with medium grade sedge peat to the depth of at least an inch. This should be applied immediately after planting in August, and if the soil and the weather are dry, it is as well to soak the peat thoroughly first. No cultivations are then done because the peat smothers the annual weeds and prevents them from growing. (No gardener will, of course, plant strawberries on land where there are perennial weeds.) Because the worms will pull some of the sedge peat into the ground, a further application may be necessary the following April or early May, the idea being to keep the level of the peat at about an inch.

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