Discount: Rockwell RW8935 1-3/8-Inch Sonicrafter Precision Wood End Cut Saw Blade with Universal Fit System

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Travis Perkins | PUNK Power Tool Accessories Product Video

This short form product video was created for use on Instagram and elsewhere. It introduces Travis Perkins’ PUNK tool accessory range and its unique selling points to prospective customers.

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Armor Tool Peg Table Clamping System

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Take a closer look at the new Armor Tool Peg Table Clamping System. This portable work table features adjustable height legs, built-in outlets and peg holes that work with the Armor Tool adjustable clamping system and other bench dog hole-style clamps.


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Round Washer Recex Screws

General woodworking screw stays where you put it for tight, solid joint. Type 17 self-drilling point makes for easy driving, less splitting Lube finish reduces friction while driving Deep thread to prevent over-driving in softwoods Maximum bearing surface helps resist pullout Uses a #2 square drive bit

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Rockler Concealed Hinge JIG IT® System

Rockler Concealed Hinge JIG IT® System

Learn more: The Rockler Concealed Hinge JIG IT® System makes installing concealed hinges a snap!
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Rockler 52” to 104” Low Profile Straight Edge Clamp System

Ripping panels up to 104″ long has never been easier! The 52″ to 104″ Low Profile Straight Edge Clamp does it all. Benefits:Clamps for use as a straight edge with a router or circular sawAdd the T-fence and it becomes a T-square for laying out your projectConnect two 52″ sections to create a 104″ long straight edge that’s long enough for even oversized panelsUse just one section as a 52″ straight edge, T-square, or for easier storageIncludes a write/erase surface for use as a story stickPower tool guide (one included with system) rides in the straight edge for total control when cutting or routingAdditional power tool guides sold separatelyAcrylic base (#42279, sold separately) for use with saw or routers requires the Power Tool Guide Kit (#42173, sold separately).
List Price: $ 89.99
Price: $ 69.99

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Question by Mommaof2boys: Angles for ceiling moulding…?
we our having a hard time figuring out the angle to cut our crown moulding

when we cut it one angle the ends lines up perfect until we put it up against the ceiling then it doesn’t line up anymore, caz the crown is in a tilt position when stuck up

so any clue what angles we have to use for each piece to match up?

the room is square plain jane nothing fancy

We are using a miterbox and saw. We don’t have a compound miter saw.

Best answer:

Answer by Anaclagon
I’ve seen a cool way to do molding without cutting angles. If you put a small block of wood in each corner and but the molding up to it the result is a finished look that looks great. Of course you will have to stain the blocks but its so simple and looks so good.

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