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The Best Way To Winter Proof Your Hot Water Heater Prior To Leaving

If you are living in a place where temperatures can easily drop to several degrees below zero and your water heater will not be used for while then it's important that you winter proof it. If you are leaving for a week or two week long vacation you need to take the required steps in […] Read more

How I Replaced My Water Heater’s Thermocouple and Saved the Day

One evening I got home from work, and as I walked past our kitchen my wife gently informed me, “Uh, I’ve had this water running for 10 minutes, and it’s not getting hot”. Uh oh. “I bet the garage door was open when we had those winds the other day, and the pilot light blew […] Read more
Finding The Right Water Heater

Finding The Right Water Heater

This article is sponsored by air conditioning repair company. As a homeowner, water heaters and water heater repair can be a popular subject. We will explore a little further into water heaters and learn how to find a water heater that is right for your situation. They are not really something you can get too […] Read more
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Bosch Water Heating GL4 Electric Mini-Tank Under-The-Sink Water Heater

Installing this mini-tank water heater under the sink puts hot water right where you need it Glass-lined tank for longer life Mounts on wall or floor Temperature and pressure relief valve included Plugs into standard 110 volt outlet Meets ASHRAE 90.1 Standard and is UL listed 6 year warranty on tank in both commercial and […] Read more
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Austin Plumbing; Easy Repairs You Can Do

Austin Plumbing; Easy Repairs You Can Do

In all residences, Austin plumbing predicaments can be experienced any time or another. There are some minor plumbing difficulties such as water leaks from faucets, water heater malfunctions, clogging sinks, among many other dilemmas. There are occasions we are capable to fix these plumbing problems on our own but there are also situations that it Read more