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5 Questions to Ask Before Calling a Professional Plumber

What are Your Limits? This informative article brought to you from Centennial Colorado Plumbers. Many plumbing issues can be repaired by the homeowner including those with little in the way of mechanical ability. The problem is, as with most home repair projects, is that the owner may over-estimate their abilities and cause more problems than Read more
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Should You Join The Rush To Heat Pump Water Heaters?

Should You Join The Rush To Heat Pump Water Heaters? There has been a huge increase of late in Australians turning to heat pump water heaters rather than solar panels to heat their home's water. If you are contemplating an upgrade to your home's existing heating system, you may be juggling the same two choices […] Read more
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The Best Way To Winter Proof Your Hot Water Heater Prior To Leaving

If you are living in a place where temperatures can easily drop to several degrees below zero and your water heater will not be used for while then it's important that you winter proof it. If you are leaving for a week or two week long vacation you need to take the required steps in […] Read more

How To Unfreeze Frozen Pipes

Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning and no water comes out of the faucet. Blame it on the freezing temperatures during winter. Frozen water pipes are just another reason to hate the frigid weather. When water freezes in a pipe, the cold water expands and exerts pressure on the pipe with more […] Read more
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A Few Useful Hints When It Comes Down To Keeping Your Carpets Clean

A Few Useful Hints When It Comes Down To Keeping Your Carpets Clean

This article is sponsored by ThumpBalustrades.com.au. Cleaning carpets could be a honest to goodness terrible and dirty job – or not. With reference to this kind of task, it actually depends upon your understanding and experience of carpet reconditioning. That is the reason why lots of questions are being asked about it because of the Read more
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How I Replaced My Water Heater’s Thermocouple and Saved the Day

One evening I got home from work, and as I walked past our kitchen my wife gently informed me, “Uh, I’ve had this water running for 10 minutes, and it’s not getting hot”. Uh oh. “I bet the garage door was open when we had those winds the other day, and the pilot light blew […] Read more