Concrete Polishing Options

by Mikkan Drane

The simplicity and cost effective features of the concrete polished type floor made it a favorable option as opposed to the various floor types like carpeted floors, hard wood or tiled ones. Its variety of styling options makes transforming any dull old concrete home or establishment concrete foundation floor turn magically new and presentable.

Concrete polishing is known as the process of grinding concrete foundations creating an effect almost identical to that of a tiled floor. Except the end results of concrete grinding gives off a smoother and shinier feel to it that can also be applied on pool decks, patios, and wherever you wish for it. The best part in it is its promise of easy maintenance.

One other option you can consider under concrete polishing is what they call a concrete acid staining where you get to wonderfully enhance the beauty of the polished concrete by adding some color to the floor. By simply scrubbing the acid stain on to the floor when the floor is dry, you get a different all in all unique look to it. The end result will depend on how the acid staining concrete was applied, giving the floor the chance to pick up on its natural beauty instantly.

After getting that shiny effect on your concrete floor that you wanted, the next important step is to seal that beauty in. This is done by adding a sealant on it, which is often a choice of Epoxy coating. The sealant guarantees protection and durability, preparing your concrete polished floor for heavy duty purposes meant to last a long time.

Unlike many other floor styles and types, the concrete polished floor only requires regular cleaning and maintenance. A simple once in a while mop damping, when sealed properly, will be enough to keep your floor clean, shiny and new all the time. No more hassles of having to do those messy wax applications, or other expensive cleaners to fix it.

It is actually a common mistake thinking about costly repairs when it comes to this concrete polished floor. Instead of having to remove and rebuild a huge portion of the damaged floor, all you have to do is resurface the damaged part. It is far more easier, and less expensive.

The work load that will be spent in resurfacing a damaged concrete polished floor depends on how much damage there is. But other than that, everything else should just go smoothly. When you’re done with resurfacing it, you will once again have a concrete polished floor looking good as new again.

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